How to switch to Clover UEFI bootloader on hackintosh

Today, I will share you how can you install an UEFI bootloader to your hackintosh. I used my Mavericks during the process that was already installed before.

  1. Downloading of the latest version of Clover Boot loader
  2. Install it to your current mac, and select the partition you want to install
  3. Mount EFI partition, that is the first partition on your disk that is 250MB and its type is FAT32.
  4. Copy /EFI/CLOVER folder to EFI partion /EFI folder
  5. Reboot your computer and go into BIOS setup.
  6. Change your boot settings to UEFI mode (Secure mode: off). If you need to give a path here, that is the right path:
  7. Save, reboot and Clover is booting


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