When Gmail disallow mail client login

When you use email client (ThunderBird, Outlook, Outlook express) or any special app to connect to google mail imap or pop3 service you may run into one of these error messages:

  • [WEBALERT http://something-secret-url] Web login required.
  • NO failed: Re-Authentication Failure

These are tipical problem when you do not use Weblogin (https://gmail.com) on from the same IP.

Here is the solution:

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My new JustCloud storage account

I found a very fast and easy to use online storage solution. My free dropbox account was too small for backing up my files. I mostly backup my most important files with dropbox online storage, but the 2Gb too small for me. I saw the dropbox pro pricing that was almost $10 for 100GB. When I found the JustCloud storage it was less than $10 for unlimited storage. I think it is good offer to me.

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Bitprison CAPTCHA System for PHP

I've made a CAPTCHA system what is ease of use for any PHP website. This is a full object oriented class library. Ease of use and ease of customisation. Try it! Feel free to download and use it. Please leave a comment.


  • Very minimal software requirements
  • Ease of customisation (parameters or class extending)
  • Full object oriented library
  • One file one class
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Reject 98% of SPAM with Postfix configuration rules

My spam traffic has decreased to minimum after I've inserted following lines in /etc/postfix/main.cf file (Postfix main configuration file). These settings made my SMTP server to spam resist. This method use DNS queries, what mean very fast UDP communication and use less memory and CPU then any spamfilter. If your hardware is weak or an all-in-one server than use this really fast and effective method.

Before: I received 200-300 spam a day.
Now: I receive only 1-2 unsolicited email a day.

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