How to remove accidentally added files from git

I’ve read this in stackoverflow: E.g. to remove all *.gz files accidentally committed into git repository: du -sh .git #==> e.g. 100M git filter-branch --index-filter 'git rm --cached --ignore-unmatch *.gz' HEAD git push origin master --force rm -rf »

Nginx + passenger from source compilation on ubuntu natty

There are some importatnt step to install Nginx with passenger on a newly installed Ubuntu server. step: Install RVM in multi-user mode step: install dependencie for MRI ruby. There are a list in the end of rvm install message. Install these packages »

jQuery link click href value

I’ve wrote these words on google. And I don’t find the exact solution. The problem: What Should I write in the href? If I write # sign then browser go to the top of page. I wouldn’t like to go to the top of page. Here is the HTML: Click jQuery code »

PHP normalize function

I post my normalization function. This function find all illegal characters (like: Ő, Ű, ú, í, etc. ) and replace it to latin1 chars. (like: O, U, u, i, etc.) This function works for me on hungarian words. Try it on your text and post your comment about »

Locomotive CMS

Today, I found a really good CMS. I’m looking for ruby 3 CMS for a while. I found this CMS solution that use my favorite NoSQL database system: MongoDB. I think multi site feature is rare in ror applications. Locomotive CMS do it. Locomotive is an open »

How to translate attributes of mongoid model

Here is an example, what show the way you can translate your mongoid models: You can also customize error messages as you will see in the next example. User model translation Example: en.yml content: en: mongoid: errors: models: »