UEFI BIOS Windows 7 installation problem and solution

New ASUS K55 Laptop with UEFI Bios

I have a client who bought an ASUS K55VD laptop. This laptop is coming with Windows 8. But my client had bought a windows 7. So He wanted to use this windows 7 on his new laptop. I had another task. I had to change the HDD to SSD. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Problems was coming…

I have never seen UEFI BIOS before. I did not think this will be a challenge for me. I tell the truth I wasted a lot of time to install the OS.

Firstly I can not boot any CD under UEFI BIOS. I solve this problem by turning off Security Boot in BIOS Security section.

Secondly the Windows 7 DVD froze during boot under UEFI BIOS. It was a nightmare. Windows 7 installer initializing stopped with a black screen and a white “Loading” text.

I could not start the installer. So I started to play with BIOS. After some hour and some thousand failed booting I found an option. This option is the key to install any Operation System in your laptop with UEFI BIOS. You have to Enable the “Launch CSM” option in Boot section of Bios. CSM means the Compatibility Support Module. Without this you can boot only UEFI mode. Windows 8 in UEFI mode receive serial key from BIOS. Windows 7 in UEFI mode can not boot in my case.


If you want to install any new OS to your PC or Laptop with UEFI Bios just turn off Security Boot and turn on Launch CSM option. Try these options if your OS installer does not boot. This method also works with Windows XP CD and Linux CD/USB Flash.


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