My new JustCloud storage account

I found a very fast and easy to use online storage solution. My free dropbox account was too small for backing up my files. I mostly backup my most important files with dropbox online storage, but the 2Gb too small for me. I saw the dropbox pro pricing that was almost $10 for 100GB. When I found the JustCloud storage it was less than $10 for unlimited storage. I think it is good offer to me.

If somebody is looking for a good online storage solution, here is JustCloud that secure, fast, and really easy to use. Can you imageine what will you do if your computer chrashed and all your work lost? My collegue has a power supply crash and all his work go away except the drop box. He sould open a justcloud account with unlimited stroage space and backup all system. Now he know it. It would be a good deal. But his hdd has failed and he has no justcloud account. Sad story.

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